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Fusion Fitness & Performance TV Special Offer! The premiere of my FFP TV fitness show has reinvigorated my commitment to educating more people. So I’ve lowered the price of my Onboard 101 course making this valuable resource more readily available to more people. Now is the perfect time to enroll, learn how your body really works and get better results!

FINALLY… A Scientific Back-to-Basics Guide to Health, Fitness and Weight Loss!

This Exclusive 12 Chapter Learn-at-Your-Own-Pace Curriculum Explains, in Easy-to-Understand Language, How and Why Your Body Burns Fat… Builds Muscle… Improves Energy… and Increases Fitness.

Wouldn’t it be great to just cut through all the hype, half-truths and downright lies about how to eat and exercise - and have a clear understanding of how your body actually functions? If you understood the body, you’d know how to eat and exercise to change your body, right? 

Our Fusion Fitness & Performance™ University online course, Onboard 101, does just that. This online course is a scientific, no-nonsense, back-to-basics human physiology course filled with facts on how the human body works! 

The Onboard 101 Course Will Teach You:

  • The Truth about Weight Loss!

  • Why conventional diets don’t work

  • Why healthy weight-reduction is all about fat loss and not pounds-lost-on-the-scale

  • How to boost metabolism for energy and fat loss

  • Why chronic, extremely-low calorie diets cause your body to burn muscle and gain fat

  • How aerobic training works and which type is best for health, fat loss and endurance

  • What anaerobic training is and which type is best for building strength, building muscle or toning muscle

  • Which type of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are best for maximum energy, fitness and fat loss

  • The function and benefits of every vitamin and mineral and the food sources needed to get them all

  • Why good digestion and absorption is critical for healthy metabolism, fitness and fat loss

  • How mental and physical stress affects the body and why properly managing it is critical to attain vibrant physical health, fitness and prevent overtraining

…And much more!

The Onboard 101 Course Includes:

  • Self-Guided, 12 Chapter Format

  • Scientific Peer-Reviewed Curriculum

  • Basic Exercise Physiology

  • Fundamental Fitness Nutrition

  • Interactive Online Presentations

  • 35 High-Definition Video Tutorials

  • Self-Testing with "Auto-Score" After Every Chapter

  • Unlimited Access! Go back for a refresher at any time

    Guaranteed Learning!

You must attain an 80% score in before you’re allowed to go to the next chapter. Just keep trying til you get it! This online educational course is an ethical, un-biased source of instruction with No pop-up ads - No affiliate links - No product endorsements.

Stop Getting Taken Advantage of
by “Quick-Fix” Fitness Marketers!

Unscrupulous “quick-fix” fitness marketers greedily exploit your lack of knowledge in order to attain massive profits. They only care about selling more programs.

In just 12 weeks, you will finally have the knowledge to permanently manage your overall health, fitness and weight for the rest of your life.

And you’ll have unlimited access to the course even after you are finished! This way you can always go back for a refresher whenever you need it.  

Onboard 101 Course Value.. $197  


FFP TV Special!
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Look at what this client had to say about taking the Onboard 101 course:

"Thanks Fernando for introducing me to the Onboard 101 course. Over my lifetime, I found hundreds of opinions and methods on the subject of exercise, health and nutrition. The process can be very confusing. Until recently, I thought I developed a good knowledge of how the body responds to exercise, food and dietary supplements. What I learned is that in most cases I was not only wrong but there was so much that I didn't even know about. I was trying to be knowledgeable, but was actually misinformed. 

I highly recommend Onboard 101 and liked the methodical presentation and how appealed to common sense. I personally took a chapter a week, along with my weekly training routine with Fernando, and I implemented what I learned a little at a time. It all came together and made sense. I am constantly going back to the chapters as a refresher to reinforce what I've learned. 

It is my opinion that whether a newbie or advanced athlete... this course is a must for all people training and trying to improve themselves."

Robert, G. 


Why Enroll in
This Course?

Because There Are No Shortcuts

Today's modern biotechnology can replace vital joints, organs and perform medical procedures that decades before would've been viewed as miracles. Despite man's incredible advancements, they haven't developed a drug, procedure or treatment to guarantee vibrant health and fitness for everyone. Why? The human body still works the same way it did thousands of years ago. It does so with amazing efficiency using hundreds of complex processes. Therein lies the secret. 

The human body has it's own set of rules. And it allows for no shortcuts. In fact, the body perceives shortcuts - like restricted-calorie-dieting, as starvation - a direct threat to it's own survival. This is why most programs fail. They give you a shortcut and the body fights back. Yes. The only way to vibrant health and fitness is the old-fashioned way - you have to work for it. 


The Truth

The truth is that most people have a better understanding of how their mobile devices function than how their own bodies operate.

Ask yourself: Do you fully comprehend the synergy between foods and activities - and how it all relates your weight, metabolism, body chemistry and overall health? If the the answer is no, this online course is for YOU. 

Once you learn the facts about what proper diet and exercise actually is, you’ll never fall for another fad-diet or exercise program again!


Knowledge is Power

Our chief aim is to empower our clients through education. We believe that once you understand how your body really works, the path to health and fitness success becomes crystal clear. There will be no more guessing. Instead, you'll have a clear path to take control over your weight and overall lifestyle.    

This unique course stands-alone giving you a scientific education using easy-to-understand language that every one can benefit from. In just 12 short-sessions, you'll have the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your fitness forever.  


It's Time to Break Free!

Isn't it time to break free from all the extreme diets, workouts and downright lies being promoted by unscrupulous “quick-fix” fitness marketers? These unscrupulous “quick-fix” fitness marketers greedily exploit people’s lack of knowledge in order to attain massive profits. They don’t care about your success. They only care about selling programs.

Now is the perfect time break the cycle and get the proper health and fitness education you need to succeed.

Enrollment is Easy

Getting started is easy. You'll be able to login to your personal Onboard 101 online learning account from home, work or anywhere using a desktop, mobile device or tablet. Take one chapter a week. Read the material. Watch the tutorial videos. Take the knowledge-quiz at the end of each chapter. In just 12 weeks you’ll be on your way to a new you! Whether you choose to train with us in the studio or not, you can still enroll into the Onboard 101 online education course. Enroll now and you'll be one step ahead if you ever decide to train with us in the future. 

The Onboard 101 Course includes:

  • Self-Guided, 12 Chapter Format

  • Scientific Peer-Reviewed Curriculum

  • Basic Exercise Physiology

  • Fundamental Fitness Nutrition

  • Interactive Online Presentations

  • 35 High-Definition Video Tutorials

  • Self-Testing with "Auto-Score" After Every Chapter

  • Unlimited Access! Go back for a refresher at any time


Are YOU Ready to
Learn The TRUTH About…