Our Training Approach

Our exclusive Fusion Fitness and Performance™ system features Core-to-Strength™ Training, our proprietary method of "through-the-core" strength training, which develops balanced strength and fitness throughout the entire body. A scientific, no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach that consistently delivers RESULTS.

What makes our training approach so unique?
Why has it helped so many when other programs failed?
Is our program a good fit for you?

Let’s find out!


It all starts here…

The Brain

Neurological Fitness

Neurological Fitness - The brain is the body's control center. Through synchronized electrical impulses the brain tells your body what, when and how to do things. An "out-of-shape" brain can experience short-circuits and send out weak, out-of sync, distorted messages to your muscles, organs and body systems. This fact was understood by the ancient Greek and Roman physicians hence the adage "Sound Mind, Sound Body." Today’s scientific research has proven that the brain-to-muscle connection must be trained and strengthened in order to experience vibrant health and fitness. For this reason, neurological fitness is the cornerstone of our programming. And this training involves more than doing mere crossword puzzles. Research shows this requires complex total-body movement patterns to be successful. The result is "smart" muscle and a strong brain-to-muscle connection that always activates the RIGHT set of muscles during ANY exercise or activity.

Better Activation = Better Workouts = Better RESULTS!

Yes, a strong, healthy and fit brain does help create a strong, healthy and fit body. Hence, the key concept we promote is "No Brain, No Gain."   


The Basics

To understand how to properly train the body we need to understand the basics of human body function. The structural make up of the human body is comprised of over 620 muscles, 206 bones, a brain and nervous system with billions of nerve endings and vast webbing of connective tissue called fascia, which connects and holds it all together.

The muscular system can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Large “moving” muscles

  2. Small structural “support” muscles

The large moving muscles are the typical ones most are familiar with: chest, lats, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, etc. and are relatively few in number.

The small structural support muscles are the ones not commonly seen because they lie underneath the large muscles. These muscles like: rotator cuff muscles, rhomboids, intercostals, psoas, transverse abdominus, internal obliques, paraspinals, etc. number in the hundreds.

Add to this the neurologically-sensitive fascia which forms vast muscular networks throughout your body and you have some serious head-to-toe communication and movement support. One such network is the spiral line pictured here. 

What we learn from this is that the human body functions as an highly-intelligent movement-interpretation machine that thrives on exploring total-body movements in a variety of positions, angles, levels, directions, speeds and environments. 

Exercise must abide by these human body basics, if you want to create the healthy, strong, lean, energetic and fit body you desire.

from the book, Anatomy Trains, Thomas Myers

from the book, Anatomy Trains, Thomas Myers

The Problem

Traditional strength training only works the larger muscles through isolation, not integrated movement. This leaves hundreds of the smaller structural muscles and fascial networks untrained. When this supportive musculature become weak and “out-of-shape” the larger muscles will eventually overpower them. This creates an out-of-balance body that can lead to host of problems like: muscle imbalances, right-to-left asymmetries, distorted movement, increased joint pain, spinal stress and tight achy muscles. All these will lead to poor results and increase your risk of injury.

Many times these muscle imbalances can “hide” within your body for months or even years. Most times you won’t know until it’s too late. Leaving you wondering why you are stuck-in-a-rut, just got hurt or keep getting repeated injuries. 

Some traditional programming attempt to work other fitness components in their workouts. The problem is they randomly combine exercises with no rhyme, reason or any physiological principle. Training must follow the right order for everything to flow together in the right way. And today's "extreme" fitness and weight-loss methods only make the situation worse.

Coun·ter·feit (kaunt-ər-fit) 1. something likely to be mistaken for something of higher value 2. being false, artificial, pseudo, unauthentic or treacherous 3. A non-genuine article; a fake.

Counterfeit Strength Training

  • Methods that seem to build strength but only proves to be pseudo “workout” strength and not functional strength-you-can-use

  • Trains the body from the “outside-in” bypassing the core

  • Over-reliance on isolation exercises, machine workouts, split routines, heavy weight training and constant “extreme” more-is-better workouts

Counterfeit methods only build strength in:

  • SOME muscles – NOT every muscle

  • CERTAIN body positions – NOT any body position

  • SOME movements – NOT all movements

Results of Counterfeit Strength Training:

  • Weakened core, structure and joints

  • Muscle imbalances, movement compensations and asymmetries

  • Some muscles develop high-skill ability (PhD level) while others remain at low-skill ability (Pre-school, Elementary level)

To understand HOW these problems began, we need to look at the past.


The Past

All the ancient training systems of the past: Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome all looked at the human body as a whole. Mind - Body - Spirit. Which is why these systems addressed everything from breathing, digestion, proper rest, proper thinking and physical training in a complete and balanced way. They understood that everything is connected.  

For centuries, exercise fell under the umbrella of a total-body approach that in modern times was called “Physical Culture”. During that time, physical trainers only taught total-body movement-based exercise. This approach emphasized complete and balanced development of the body while training the large AND the smaller structural musculature in unison.  

Around 1950, two things changed exercise forever. The first, exercise machines for isolating muscle groups. The second, steroids. People got caught up with all the new bells and whistles and quickly traded substance for a bunch of shiny machines. These "assembly-line" one-size-fits-all workouts were easy to teach but not as effective as the original Physical Culture approach. 

And before steroids, the ONLY way to get results was to use scientific exercise, eat right and cultivate healthy habits. Steroids allowed people to attain results WITHOUT proper training and nutrition. Hence, practicing healthy habits didn't matter anymore.

In time, the original more balanced "Physical Culture" approach to exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle was discarded. And today, it's practically non-existent. Why is this important? Because most people don’t realize that the majority of fitness approaches and programs that came AFTER 1950 were heavily influenced by steroid-using athletes. This is why they offer only limited results for the rest of us.


• Health is always 1st – restoring and preparing the body for results
• Strength is 2nd – to be developed to enhance results
• Appearance is 3rd – which improved automatically as a result of attaining the previous two of the hierarchy: Health and Strength

• The Human Body is a dynamic living "machine"
• Total-body exercise and workouts are a must for authentic results  
• Complete & balanced physical development is the ultimate goal
• Fitness for Life: purpose of training was to create a healthy, strong, fit and energetic body that would enhance quality of life and longevity.

Many of the health and fitness problems we face is because of ignoring our Physical Culture past. 


Arthur Saxon circa 1910. World Record Holder One-Arm Overhead Lift at 336 lbs. Used ONLY Physical Culture methods. No belt.. No wraps or straps.. No steriods.


Abbye Stockton circa 1940. The FIRST female fitness superstar. She proved women CAN train with weights and maintain a feminine look.


Our Solution

We understand that to properly train the body we need to obey the basic laws of human body function. This is the only way to authentically create a healthy, strong, lean, energetic and fit body. Since we know the human body functions as an intelligent movement-interpretation machine which thrives on exploring total-body movements from various positions, angles, levels, directions, speeds and environments - we train it that way.  

What if your body cannot interpret movement properly? We have a solution.

Our initial “Restoration” training phase solves the problem of how-to effectively rebalance and rebuild a broken-down core and body. This phase quickly restores body balance and re-ignites the metabolism thus preparing the body for future progress. The intermediate and advanced phases of training are further maximized as a result of effective restoration. Our program is the first to effectively combine restoration, fitness and performance training into ONE integrated system.



Our private exercise studio continues the tradition of the original gyms with open space, personal instruction and proven tools: Indian clubs, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables & pulleys, medicine balls, ropes, bands and more.

College of the City of New York Gym, 1927



Our Fusion Fitness and Performance™ System has returned to the original time-proven Physical Culture methods of the past and combined them with present-day scientific knowledge and technology. After decades-long intensive study: 15 years of in-the-trenches experience as a Trainer, 6 years of painstaking research reviewing physical culture methods of the past and present-day exercise science, 2 years (and counting) of development and meticulous refinements, a system was born. A total health, fitness and performance system that delivers consistent results in the most efficient way possible. We’ve preserved the Physical Culture past to get better results for everyone!

As with all the successful training systems of the past, we look at the human body as a whole. Mind - Body - Spirit. We address everything from breathing, digestion, proper rest, mindset and physical training in a balanced way for vibrant health, fitness and performance. A best-of-both-worlds system you won't find anywhere else. It’s Modern-day Physical Culture.



We offer world-class physical training and a scientific curriculum that educates you on how the body works in a simple yet fun way.  Once you learn the truth about how the body works, you’ll never get taken advantage of by unscrupulous marketers promoting their “quick-fix” diet or exercise programs again!

IN-STUDIO. We may cover a variety of topics during our one-on-one sessions depending on your needs: Core, Movement, Bio-Mechanics, Mobility, Flexibility, Wellness, Nutrition, Sports Training, Fat Loss, Stress-Management and more. 

ONLINE. Onboard 101 – our scientific guide to health, fitness and healthy weight loss.A 12-chapter online course that teaches the fundamentals of exercise physiology in easy-to-understand language that everyone can learn from.



The KEY part of the equation is when your workout is individually tailored to fit YOUR unique body type, body structure and physiology. Everyone is unique. We begin with a blank sheet of paper and create the program to fit around YOU. It’s this close attention to detail and level of personalization that also sets our system apart from all the rest. 

Before we begin, we must first establish a baseline looking for any muscle imbalances and limitations using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). After this we can begin developing your custom fitness program. Whether you are just starting out or an elite athlete, you’ll get the RIGHT exercises for your body-type and structure, and in the RIGHT amount to meet your individual needs and goals. 


Fusion Fitness Studio Doylestown, PA, Established 2003


Old & New

Science & Art


In a nutshell, our training process looks like this:



The Functional Movement Screen

the FMS readily identifies imbalances and limitations by Grading seven (7) fundamental movement patterns as optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional. The FMS quickly tells us any limiting patterns distorting your body structure. By IDENTIFYING these limitations, we come up with a more complete strategy on how to attain your results while improving body balance all at the same time. [for more info on the FMS]





FITNESS – After the body's fundamentals have been restored with the ‘Restoration’ phase, we can move on to the FITNESS phase. During this phase we can now build and stack AUTHENTIC strength, fitness and conditioning on top of your newly restored foundation more effectively.



PERFORMANCE - Once the 'Fitness' Phase is complete we can move on to the advanced PERFORMANCE phase by adding more complex total-body exercises. These total-body exercises simultaneously challenge MULTIPLE body skills and abilities at the same time. This creates higher-levels of authentic strength, stability, mobility, core function, performance and overall durability of the body.