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Think our training approach is just what you need? Want to learn more about what the next steps are? 

This section will answer those questions, help you schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and what to expect moving forward. Hope to see you soon!


Thank You for considering Fusion Fitness Studio to help meet your health, fitness and performance needs! Let me start off by addressing a common misconception. I can't tell you how many times people have told me they thought we ONLY worked with hardcore fitness enthusiasts or elite athletes. 

The Truth is…

The TRUTH is we work with people of ALL levels, shapes, sizes, skills and abilities: executives, business owners, super-moms, baby-boomers, elite athletes, youth athletes, joint replacements, post-rehab, beginners, fitness enthusiasts, weight management, weekend warriors and people battling life-threatening illnesses - we enjoy working with them all. Everyone gets the same level of training and attention to detail. The only “hardcore” thing you need to work with us is a hardcore DESIRE to improve yourself and become better.

Are We Right For YOU?   

To see if our training service is right for you, I invite you to come in for a FREE, No-Obligation Private Consultation. You can easily book the appointment online by clicking the button below. This will take you to the studio's online appointment book. You'll be able to view openings our schedule and reserve a time that's best for you.  

WELCOME-KIT: Forms & Free Stuff
After you schedule your free consultation please go to the “Welcome-Kit” section of our website to fill out the forms needed for your consultation. Our Welcome-Kit is a fitness information center loaded with FREE stuff for you: informational handouts, healthy food recipes, smoothie & shake recipes and articles! Check back often as we will be adding something NEW to the Welcome-Kit on a regular basis. Click on the “Welcome-Kit” button below to go directly to the Online Forms section. The ONLY two forms you must complete are:

  • Info / Health History

  • PAR-Q (simple)

Here's What to Expect

Here's what to expect during your FREE Private Consultation. During this 60-minute Consultation, you'll fill out a brief health history questionnaire followed by discussion of your exercise history, nutrition habits, stress levels, lifestyle factors, specific needs and training goals. Once completed, we may do a few simple, assessments that will help determine your current level of: muscle imbalances, core stability, balance & coordination, mobility & flexibility. These assesments are not grueling by any means and only serve to get a general "broadstrokes" look at the above skills and abilities.

Afterwards, you and I will both sit down to review your results and determine which program(s) would be the best starting point for you.  

If you like us... great! 
We'll get started and schedule your first session, a more in-depth analysis of your body structure using the Functional Movement Screen [FMS]. Based on those results we'll begin setting up your training plan. 

If you don’t like us - no hard feelings
We'll shake hands, and just ask that you to keep us in mind if your fitness needs ever change in the future. It’s as simple as that.

It's Time to Break Free

Isn't it time to FINALLY break free from all the confusion and downright lies being promoted by unscrupulous “quick-fix” fitness marketers?

Many fitness marketers jealously-guard or purposefully withhold information, causing confusion for the masses. These unscrupulous “quick-fix” fitness marketers greedily exploit people’s lack of knowledge in order to attain massive profits. They don’t care about your success. They only care about selling more programs.

You deserve to know the truth about how your body really works. What you will learn from us is a scientific, no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach that consistently delivers results. Professionalism and integrity compel us to teach you the truth. You have the right to know… and we have the obligation to tell you.

The Physical Culture approach of total-body movement-based exercise still works better than anything else out there today. And when you combine it with today’s science, put the personal attention back in – customizing the approach to fit the needs of each individual – you have a combination that is hard to beat. Come in and try it for yourself…. you’ll become a believer.

You CAN Succeed

I realize that starting (or re-starting) a productive health and fitness program is not easy. It can be a daunting task. Many of our current clients felt the same way when they first started with us. In time, many of these same people not only met their goals, they surpassed them. 

We’ve worked with A LOT people through the years, and in the process we’ve developed some meaningful long-time relationships. Many clients have been with us for 5 years, others over 10 years with our longest-running client being with us a whopping 17 years! 

Why have they stayed with us? 
One simple word… RESULTS.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

 “You give me an objective eye.”

“You make me work out when I don’t want to.”

“You make me accountable for doing my best.”

“I feel totally safe to push myself as hard as I need to.”

“You motivate me.”

“I learned faster.”

“I got faster results with you.”

We feel highly honored to have such people as clients
. I applaud their effort and perseverance. And I’m very happy that our clients feel working with us has been a great experience and worthy investment. 

A New YOU Awaits!

The only way to know if our program would be a good fit for you is to come in for a FREE Consultation. Keep in mind that while we do promote an inclusive environment, we are also picky about who we take on as clients. We look for people who are coachable, have the right attitude and a hardcore desire to become better. 

Listen, the hardest part of getting started in anything is to recognize you need help, allow yourself to be helped and then take that first step. 

Take that first step and schedule a FREE Consultation.

Take that first step to becoming a New YOU today!