Our program is a scientific, no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach that consistently delivers RESULTS. We understand that people come in all shapes and sizes; skills and abilities. Whether you are just starting out or an elite athlete who wants to reach a new level, we can help. You’ll learn the right exercises for your individual body-type, structure, needs and goals. And since no two people are alike, your Trainer will work with you to ensure you get results in the right way and at the right pace.


Personal Training





Feel like you're stuck?

Feel like you're stuck on a plateau? Top athletes feel that way too sometimes. Ever notice what they always say helped them break out of it? Yes...going back-to-the-basics. We are masters of the basics. We'll help you get un-stuck, rebalance your body, refresh your muscles and put your metabolism back to work.


Healthy Living

Are you lacking the energy needed to get through life? 

Not sure which foods, exercises or activities are best to maximize your everyday health and wellness? We can coach you on the proper way to approach your food choices, activities, workouts, sleep habits, stress management and healthy weight-reduction so you can live a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle.  


Movement Medicine

Are health conditions slowing you down?

Research has proven that proper exercise can alleviate problems associated with a host of health conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, muscle-skeletal problems, arthritis and even major life-threatening illnesses. We can show you how exercise, at the proper dose, can be good medicine.


Sports Medicine

Is an injury keeping you on the sidelines?

Regardless of your injury: shoulders, rotator cuff, lower back, knees, hips, feet or  even full joint replacements, we have been successful at getting people back in action. We can develop a strength or post-rehabilitation program that will retrain your body to move better or play with confidence again. 




Core Energy

Rebuild your core

If your core function is not properly balanced, it can rob the body of strength, energy and lead to recurring problems in your shoulders, lower back, hips and knees. We'll rebuild your core from-the-inside-out and balance out the areas needed to re-energize your body and prevent injury.



Become more fit

Fitness can mean different things depending on the individual need. There are many components involved in becoming fit: increasing mobility, strength, speed, flexibility, stability, endurance, lowering body-fat, to name a few. We will assess your needs and help you build authentic fitness so you can keep doing the things you enjoy.



Get strong

If strength is not balanced throughout the body, you're only left with small "pockets" of strength in certain aeras while others remain weak. These muscle imbalances can lead to extra stress on your joints and weaken muscles. We'll bring up your weak areas, balance your body and create authentic strength throughout your entire body.  


Add more life to your years

Fitness needs change after the age of 50. Mobility, flexibility and balance become top priority. If these key components are missing, the body will become rigid and unable to maintain the energy, strength and stamina needed in later years. We'll restore your mobility, flexibility, balance and build a body full of life that will serve you for years to come.  



Total Core

Build your entire core

To train and perform at high levels successfully, you need to have a complete core that works properly from top-to-bottom and all angles. We'll take your core training to new levels by tying-in all sections - upper, middle, lower - into one solid unit capable of withstanding the rigors of advanced training. 

Full Strength

Be at full strength

A body with authentic total-body strength has the ability to be strong in any postion and all movements. We'll show you how to build every section of your body - arms, legs, torso, supportive muscles - into a cohesive system operating at full strength capacity. This will give you the ability to endure the most inense training in a safe manner.  



Perform consistently

Performing at high levels on a consistent basis without getting hurt is every athletes goal. We'll show you how a complete and balanced approach that addresses all the components of fitness - strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, movement, stability, stamina - can give you consistent sports performance and reduce your risk of injury.  


Perform at any age

Continuing to perform at high levels without getting hurt after the age of 50 is a challenge for most. Not for us. We have numerous Masters athletes still competing at elite levels and winning. The needs of athletes change after 50. We can show you which approach is best at keeping you in the game, and in the winners circle, for years to come. 


What happens when a former World Champion and Professional Triathlete starts to feel the aches and pains that years of competing, and father time, have on the body? Do you chalk-it-up to age and stop? OR… Do you change your approach? Listen as Todd Wiley shares his personal story on how Fernando prepared him for the 2011 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. A story, he feels, that people of all levels would benefit from.


TRIATHLON Performance

Is your body READY to perform? Who needs a body able to withstand hour-after-hour of grueling activity? Endurance athletes. A winning strength program must fit each athlete’s specific body structure. Whether you are new to triathlon or a seasoned competitor, we have a proven track record in developing the strength, speed and durability multisport athletes need to succeed. Our athletes have gone on to:

  • Complete their first triathlon

  • Establish new personal records

  • Recover faster from races

  • Complete their first Full IRONMAN distance race

  • Qualify for Nationals and World Championships

Use our strength program and watch your performance skyrocket!     


The Inspirational Story of Fernando’s client, Derek Fitzgerald - cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient - as he competed at the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The T.V. producers were so moved by Derek’s story, they chose to feature him during the televised broadcast of the event. This clip was part of that feature. Listen as Derek shares his journey back to health and his personal outlook on life. An unbelievable story of determination, grit and never giving up. Pure inspiration.


100 Days to
a New YOU

I realize that starting (or re-starting) a productive health and fitness program is not easy. Many of our current clients felt the same way when they first started with us. In time, many of these same people not only met their goals, they surpassed them! 

We work with people of all shapes, sizes, skills and abilities: executives, business owners, super-moms, baby-boomers, elite athletes, youth athletes, joint replacements, post-rehab, beginners, fitness enthusiasts, weight management, weekend warriors and people battling life-threatening illnesses - we enjoy working with them all.   

In the process, we’ve developed some meaningful long-time relationships. Many clients have been with us for 5 years, others over 10 years with our longest-running client being with us a whopping 17 years! Why have they stayed with us? One simple word… RESULTS.

Why 100 Days?

Physiologically, any significant fitness change will take at least 3 months, 12 weeks or 84 days. Experience has taught me it takes a little more than that psychologically. I’ve found you need to think of it in terms of “100” or 100 days.  

The number 100 symbolizes totality. For example: giving 100% effort means total effort or earning a letter grade of “A” means you got a score of 100. There’s a certain level of high-achievement our minds have been trained to respond to on a subconscious level. Though being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, the first 100 days of adopting a new or different behavior is critical to your success. Once you get through this time period, your whole life can change forever. You can achieve a lot in 100 days.

100 days from today you could…

  • have burned off some ugly fat

  • have more energy to get more done

  • be feeling more self-confident 

  • have a higher state of well-being

  • feel less out-of-breath during simple activities

  • have started to firm-up your body

  • have dropped a size or two

  • have begun to improve your trouble-spots 

  • be moving better and more easily

  • have less aches and pains

  • have begun to turn back the aging-clock

  • have more restful sleep

  • feel less stressed-out during the day

  • have begun to improve your V-shape

  • be running better and faster

  • be performing better in your sport 

  • be feeling a lot stronger

  • have a better outlook on life

Yes. 100 days from today will be here… whether you like it or not. So why not like it? 
In order to make certain that 100 days from today leaves you better than you are at this very moment, you need to act now. Decide right now that you will change for the better. Decide right now that you will give 100% effort during the next 100 days to become a 100% new you. 

Regardless of how often you choose to train with us during your 100 days - twice a week, once a week, every other week - your Fusion Fitness Studio Trainer will work with you to ensure your success!      

If there are any doubts whether or not you should act now, just ask yourself this simple, but important question:

What have I transformed myself into during the past 100 days?

If it’s not what you want…. then what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get rid of the “old” you and begin transforming into a NEW YOU today. We’d be honored to have a part in your new healthy and fit lifestyle. 

The Physical Culture approach of total-body movement-based exercise still works better than anything else out there today. And when you combine it with today’s science, put the personal attention back in – customizing the approach to fit the needs of each individual – you have a combination that is hard to beat. Come in and try it for yourself…. you’ll become a believer.


Rates & Fees

Designing Your Personal Training Program
Designing your program is easy. We can create a customized program or you can train with us on a regular basis in-studio. 

  • Custom Program (3) Three One-Hour Sessions: Functional Movement Screen and two one-on-one training sessions. [For those who want to learn some new techniques or get a program they can follow on their own.]

  • Custom 6-Week Training Course (1 or 2 sessions a week training)
    (6 or 12) One-Hour Sessions: Functional Movement Screen and one-on-one training sessions. [Perfect for those who want more in-depth personal training and technical guidance for better long-term results.]

You can continue your training by renewing your program or enrolling in a monthly Personal Coaching program.


Additional Services


Personal Coaching  

Keep moving forward. Review your current program and get some fresh ideas, or keep your training progressive after you complete a training course with us. You can come in for a training/coaching session every month, every 2 months or even just once a quarter. This will prevent bad form habits from creeping in, prevent staleness and keep your training fresh.



Stretch it out. Sometimes what the body really needs is a good stretch to balance it out. During this session we'll use a variety of total-body stretches and stretching techniques such as passive, active, dynamic or myofascial stretching. This will help restore body balance and prevent injury.  

Indian Club Training  

Ancient tool for strong shoulders. Learn how to use this ancient exercise tool to strengthen your shoulders, rotator cuff, arms and upper back in ways you never thought possible. The benefits of indian club training include: increased shoulder mobility, flexibility and strength integration of the entire upper back-shoulder-to-arm complex. Great for injury prevention or post-rehab of various scapular, rotator cuff and upper extremity issues. 



Practice proper biomechanics for better results. Biomechanics goes beyond simply using "good" form and technique. Certain commonly-used exercises still contain unsafe biomechanical flaws that will limit proper muscle activation, increase joint stress and limit your results. Come in for a mechanical analysis and learn ways to improve workout efficiency.   


[FMS] Plus

Get Screened. We offer a special session for people who only want to come in to be screened and get a personal corrective exercise program designed. This 90-minute [FMS] Plus Testing Session Includes: Personal Consultation, Functional Movement Screen, Structural Analysis & Assessment, Custom Corrective Exercise Program, Personal Instruction of Exercises. Please contact us for more information.


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